D3D (DigiTech 3D), established in 1996, provides through the combination of technology, experience & skills enhanced 3D survey, mapping & computer modelling services.
Surveyors collecting field data for the calibration of aerial photography. Plan accurate aerial photography with survey overlay Accurate computer model generated from 3D enhanced aerial and ground survey

For maximum cost efficiency, D3D recommend our engagement from the start of your project. Being involved in the data collection means we can provide the necessary survey and mapping data needed, to make an accurate mathematical computer model.

D3D are unique in that they offer all three disciplines to produce accurate surveys and models. We can tailor our services to meet your specific requirements and budgets.

D3D provides you with a powerful tool, which can be easily used, adapted and expanded, through the entire life of your project. Multimedia presentations may include a detailed voice over to ensure a consistent and complete message is heard with every delivery.

D3D's computer models allow the designer to interact with their design in real-scale, even making final decisions on internal design furnishings, lighting and colours. Full, accurate and detailed walk through views can be seen from any point in your model.

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