D3D Aerial Mapping is the most cost effective way to collect highly accurate data of large project areas. On mapping an area the level of detail taken is so great that even the heights of trees, walls and poles are recorded.

Aerial surveying provides effective mapping of large areas and is the choice of national mapping agencies worldwide. Using the latest mapping technology, D3D Aerial Mapping can bring this cost effective mapping to projects of any size and any global location.

Aerial survey is a non-invasive mapping technology, enabling accurate mapping to be undertaken with no site presence. It is also uniquely suitable for mapping restricted and inaccessible areas e.g: golf courses, cities, quarries and historical sites.

D3D Aerial Mapping can seamlessly work with D3D Geo surveying to produce surveys. The accurate data collected can then be used by D3D Computer Modelling to produce a mathematically accurate mini movie of your project.

We are European consultants for KLT range of photogrammetric software

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